ACJC: Judge Abused Contempt Powers on Prisoner via Video

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) has released to the public a new complaint charging a judge of the municipal court with various violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct stemming from an incident where the judge held a prisoner in contempt. As you will note from the colloquy, the judge became angry with the defendant and imposed an escalating series of jail terms for what the court viewed as a direct contempt. According to the ACJC, the judge ignored all of the required procedural steps and acted in an intemperate manner.

The accused judge will now have an opportunity to file an answer to the complaint and have the matter tried before the full ACJC. All final judicial discipline in New Jersey must come from the Supreme Court.

Download copy of the ACJC complaint in In re Toth is attached to this muni-mail.

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