AOC: “Free Ethics Advice Hotline Now Avaiable for New Jersey Attorneys

The Supreme Court has approved a Court Rule amendment that will allow attorneys who seek guidance on ethics issues to receive free advice.

Previously, attorneys were required to call an expensive pay-for-service 1-900 number. All inquiries were addressed by the secretary to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics. Now, however, based upon an amendment to Rule Rule 1:19-9(a), attorneys may call the secretary directly for free, rather than using the 1-900 number. Callers to the free ethics hotline may receive general information and research assistance on legal ethics, solicitation and attorney advertising. However, the hotline staff does not provide legal advice or advisory opinions, such as those issued by an Advisory Committee.

The phone number for the free attorney ethics hotline is 609-292-0694.
A Notice to the Bar announcing this free service follows:

Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics
“Ethics Hotline” — New Telephone Number

The Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics operates a telephone ethics hotline to provide general information and research assistance to members in good standing of the New Jersey bar with respect to issues of legal ethics within its jurisdiction, and issues of advertising and solicitation within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Attorney Advertising, but not legal advice or advisory opinions. In accordance with the Supreme Court’s recent amendment to Rule 1:19-9(a), please be advised that the telephone number for the ethics hotline has changed from a 900 number to the regular telephone number for the Secretary to the Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics and the Committee on Attorney Advertising. That telephone number is: (609) 292-0694.

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