Attorney General 2005 DWI Penalty Table

Today, the Attorney General released a directive that relates to the 2005 DWI Penalty Table. The table provides a useful, shorthand way of finding the direct consequences required under New Jersey law for drunk driving and related offenses.

Please note that in certain instances, the New Jersey law as to what the correct sentence should be is not clear or unsettled. The table recognizes this and contains a disclaimer as to certain for the sentences related to driving on the revoked list. In another instance, the table indicates that a first offense in a school zone has an optional 60-day jail term (which seems to be the practice around the State) although the statute (N.J.S.A. 39:4-50(g)(3)) requires a jail term of not more than 60-days. Accordingly, please take this into consideration when utilizing the data contained in this table, which is linked below for your use and convenience.

Download a copy of the DWI penalty table

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