DV “Dating Relationship” can include WHORES – J.S. v. J.F.

[12/10/09 11:31 pm] Earlier today, the Appellate Division ruled in a case captioned J.S. vs. J.F. that the broad interpretation of “dating relationship” as used in the prevention of Domestic Violence Act could extend to relationships based upon the payment of consideration from one party to another. In this case, the defendant contended that his misconduct did not constitute an act of domestic violence because the basis of his social relationship with the plaintiff was based upon money he paid her for professional escort services. The Appellate Division rejected this argument and stated the following:

“Considering the Act’s intended broad scope, we reject the contention that a relationship which includes a payment of consideration for the other’s time precludes the finding of a dating relationship. Indeed, an au pair or live-in housekeeper would undoubtedly qualify as a “person who is a present or former household member,” N.J.S.A. 2C:25-19d, entitled to relief under the Act, even though that person might be a member of the household only because compensation has been paid for his or her presence. The fact that a person receives a monetary benefit from engaging in a relationship does not automatically disqualify that person from the Act’s benefits.”

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