Factors supporting a “No Knock” search warrant – State v. Jones

Earlier this morning, the New Jersey Supreme Court released State v. Jones. Jones is a Cape May County case that involved two legal issues: the sufficiency of the information supporting the probable cause determination in the search warrant and the sufficiency of the information supporting the “no-knock” authorization in the warrant.

In reversing the Appellate Division, the Justices held that the failure of the police to actually field test the drugs they purchased during 3 hand to hand buys from the defendants did not undermine the probable cause determination made by the municipal court judge in authorizing the warrant. The controlled buys and the history of drug dealing by the defendants was sufficient in this case.

On the issue of the “no knock” warrant, the Court ruled that a prior history of violent conduct toward police can support the issuance of a “no knock” warrant. This is true even if the violent conduct occurred many years ago or if it did not result in a conviction.

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