Failure to Use Turn Signal Justified DWI MV Stop – State v. Morey (UNP)

The UNPUBLISHED decision from the Appellate Division in State v. Morey involves a motion to suppress evidence in a DWI case. The issue before the court related to the justification for the stop, which according to the police was defendant’s failure to use his turn signal. The defendant maintained that since there were no other cars on the road, and he did not see the officer far behind him, there was no legal obligation for him to use his turn signal under NJSA 39:4-126.

In rejecting this argument, the Appellate Division provides some additional explanation about the requirements of NJSA 39:4126 and clarification on the recent case, State v. Puzio, 379 NJ Super. 378 (App. Div. 2005) where a mistake of law by the officer resulted in the suppression of evidence in a DWI case.

Download a copy of the UNPUBLISHED Appellate Division decision in State v. Morey.

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