Judge Attended Trial – After He Recused Himself: ACJC

[09/10/09 – 10:33 pm] This morning, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) released a complaint that charged Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Steven Perskie with a number of violations of the Rules of Court and the New Jersey Code of Judicial Conduct (ACJC). The complaint alleges that the judge was improperly hesitant to recuse himself from hearing a case during which a long-term, personal friend and business associate was likely to testify as a key witness. Thereafter, following his recusal, the judge actually attended the trial on two occasions and remained in court watching the proceedings for a substantial period of time. The ACJC also contended in the complaint that the judge was less than candid about his activities related to this case during his sworn testimony before the Senate as part of his reappointment process.

The judge will now have an opportunity to file an answer to the complaint and contest the allegations in a plenary, public hearing before the ACJC. All final discipline in matters involving judges is imposed by the Supreme Court.

Download a copy of the complaint in In re Perskie.

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