Judge: “I apologize for use of any profanity” in court – ACJC Answer

In an April 22nd answer filed in response to an Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) complaint, a judge of the Superior Court acknowledged using profanity in open court, but in an apology, attributed his conduct to an unreasonable provocation by the attorney who was subject to the billingsgate as well as a number of extremely stressful events in his life. Among those events were the death of his daughter, the need to raise her minor children and his recovery from life-threatening surgery. In his answer, the judge also denied the use of profanity in chambers directed to a different member of the bar. In addition to the answer, the judge has also submitted a personal letter of explanation and apology to the ACJC as well as correspondence from his attending physician, all of which are attached to this muni-mail for your review.

The next step in the disciplinary process will be a plenary hearing before the ACJC.

Download a copy of ACJC Answer.

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