Judge Violated Judicial Ethics by Calling Attempted Murderer A Liar: ACJC

In a complaint dated April 1st and released Monday, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) has charged Superior Court Judge James Citta with a wide variety of violations of the State’s Code of Judicial Conduct based upon his comments to defendants in two cases. In one matter, involving the sentencing of a defendant who had been convicted of a domestic violence-related, attempted murder, the Judge noted that the defendant was a “pathological liar” who would not know the difference between the truth and a lie if it hit him in the face.

In another case, the judge was cited by the ACJC for bias against a defendant based upon his status as a non-English speaking, Mexican illegal alien. The judge also complained on the record about the special accommodations the defendant required as a result if his limited English skills and expressed a desire to immediately deport him back to Mexico.

Judge Citta will now have an opportunity to file an answer to the complaint and thereafter have the matter tried before the ACJC. The imposition of all final judicial discipline is solely vested in the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Download a copy of the ACJC complaint in In re Citta.

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