Judge Was In the Picture On Day Mayor Was Arrested for Bribery – ACJC

Earlier today, the Disciplinary Counsel for the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) filed a complaint charging a municipal court judge with having violated three canons of the New Jersey Code of Judicial Conduct, as well as Rule 2:15-8(a)(6) (engaging in conduct that tends to bring the judiciary into disrepute). The complaint resulted from a photograph of the judge, taken in the company of his town’s mayor and a councilman and a campaign treasurer. The picture was taken at the mayor’s home on the day the mayor had been arrested on bribery charges. The photograph was subsequently published in a major circulation newspaper in northern New Jersey, along with an article that described the bribery arrest of the mayor. The ACJC complaint alleges that by appearing in the photograph, the respondent judge created an appearance of impropriety that had the capacity to affect the public’s perception of the integrity of the judiciary.

The respondent will now be given an opportunity to file an answer to the complaint and to contest the allegations made against him in a full hearing before the ACJC. All final disciplinary action in New Jersey related to judges must come from the Supreme Court.

Download a copy of the ACJC complaint In Matter of Rodriguez.

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