‘Last Drink’ DWI Data to Target ‘ Problem’ Bars- AG Directive 2007-02

Last July, the Attorney General promulgated Directive 2007-02 which requires that law enforcement officers obtain information from people who have been arrested for drunk driving that relates to the commercial establishment where they had their last drinks. Following a waiver of the right to remain silent, the law enforcement officer is now required to question the DWI defendant on what kinds of alcoholic drinks he has had, how many and where. Evidence that the defendant consumed his drinks in a commercial establishment must be recorded and forwarded to other New Jersey enforcement agencies for analysis. The information gleaned from these data can be used by law enforcement for the purpose of DWI enforcement associated with a particular commercial establishment. A copy of the Attorney General’s Directive 2007-02, which went into effect in October 2007 can be downloaded here.

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