More Charges for Alleged Cursing Judge : ACJC

In an amended complaint dated March 18th, the Disciplinary Counsel for the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) has alleged additional incidents where the judge utilized profanity. In the amended complaint, the allegation relates to profanity used by the judge while speaking to a female attorney in chambers. (“Did you wake up on the wrong {expletive deleted} side of the bed?”) The amended complaint also claims that the respondent judge told counsel in open court that after he was removed from the Criminal Part of Superior Court for cursing at a lawyer, he told his assignment judge that he could just as easily curse at a civil defense attorney as a criminal defense attorney. The complaint also alleges a pattern of misconduct in that that the respondent judge was cautioned by the ACJC for discourteous conduct toward litigants in 1998.

The initial complaint contended that the respondent judge used the following language in open court to a criminal defense attorney: “I said get the [expletive deleted] out of my courtroom, what the [expletive deleted] don’t you understand, shut the [expletive deleted] up and get the [expletive deleted] out of here. I have a meeting this afternoon.”

The respondent must file an answer to the amended complaint within 20 days. He will then be entitled to a full hearing before the ACJC. Final discipline, if any, in all cases involving judicial misconduct is imposed by the Supreme Court.

Download a copy of the Amended Complaint in In re Giles.

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