Muni-mail – Governor Signs Muni Court PTI Into Law

[09-09-2013, 3:01 P.M.]  This morning, Gov. Christie signed into law the provisions of assembly bill A3598 (Identical Bill Number: S2588) which creates for the first time a diversionary program for certain first offenders in municipal court.  Those first offenders that have been charged with a disorderly or petty disorderly persons offense can enter conditional pleas of guilty and later receive a dismissal of their charges if they comply with the orders of the court, pay a $75 fee, and commit no new offenses.  The program does not apply to drug offenses, traffic tickets, or ordinance violations.  Defendants may use the program only once and will be precluded from applying for PTI, or a conditional discharge in the future.

The statute goes into effect 120 days from today and will apply to cases that occur on or after that date.

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