New Law allows smart phone insurance cards

[May 15, 2015 – 12:20 p.m.]  On May 7th, Governor Christie signed A3905 into law. The bill amends NJSA 39:3-29 to allow drivers to use electronic copies of their insurance cards via smart phone or other electronic devices.

The May 7, 2015 amendment to NJSA 39:3-29 reads as follows:
The insurance identification card may be displayed or provided in either paper or electronic form. For the purposes of this section, “electronic form” means the display of images on an electronic device, such as a cellular telephone, tablet, or computer, if the images displayed contain the insured name, mailing address, carrier name, policy number, and the inception and expiration date of the policy as provided on an insurance identification card in paper form.

The use of a cellular telephone, tablet, computer, or any other electronic device to display proof of insurance does not constitute consent for a police officer or judge to access any other contents on the device. Any police officer or judge presented with an electronic device pursuant to this section shall be immune from any liability resulting from damage to the device.