Serious Violations in Private Cars Result in Suspension of CDL

Recently, the Legislature enacted into law the provisions set forth in Senate bill S2300 (link to This legislation was necessary for the State to comply with the federal Motor Carrier Improvement Act and the regulations established thereunder. The most important amendments are set forth in NJSA 39:3-10.20.

Effective October 1, 2005, the holder of a New Jersey CDL will be subject to an administrative suspension of commercial driving privileges for certain serious moving violations that occur when the licensee is operating a private, non-commercial vehicle.

For example, a DWI conviction will result in a loss of both regular and CDL privileges if the CDL holder was operating a private vehicle while intoxicated. Two 4-point speeding violations in a private (or commercial) vehicle within a 3-year period will also result in an administrative suspension of CDL privileges.

Under the regulations, the MVC will impose the loss of CDL privileges administratively following the in-court conviction for one of the predicate serious moving violations in court.

Download a chart that lists all the offenses covered and the authorized terms of license loss.

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