Ten Judges Referred to Atty General in Ticket Fixing Mess

In a report released late today, the Judiciary revealed that an intensive review of the disposition 15 million tickets that were resolved in municipal courts over the past three years has resulted in the referral of a total of 10 municipal court judges and 7 court staff members to the Attorney General for criminal investigation. In addition, 9 of the 10 subject judges have also been referred to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct for possible judicial discipline. According to the report, all of these referrals were made for the purpose of further investigation and review. At this point, the referrals themselves do not constitute findings as to criminality or misconduct.

So far, two indictments have been returned in the current ticket fixing investigation. On July 14, 2008, Attorney General Anne Milgram announced that a state grand jury returned separate indictments charging former Chief Judge Wanda Molina and former Jersey City Municipal Court Administrator Virginia Pagan with official misconduct (2nd Degree) for allegedly fixing parking tickets.

The Judiciary’s report also details the steps that will be taken to implement the financial controls, computer-based oversight and judicial training that will eliminate this type of scandal in the future.

Download a copy of the Report on the Review of Ticket Dismissal Procedures in the Municipal Court System.

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